encrypted communication between applications and mobile devices

APIs available in PHP, JAVA, RUBY, PERL, PYTHON and C#.NET.
For developers:

Send messages to users mobile devices from Internet websites and applications.
Full encrypted.
For end users:

Install the Followzup APP on your mobile device and receive messages only from whom you want. With security and privacy.
Only 1 command line(*)...

...is all you need on your website or application system to send messages to mobile devices.
Create your information channel and see how easy it is to keep users up to date.

(*) Classes and methods to send messages already available in the API. Just download and use it.
Encrypted Communication

followzupThe frames exchanged between applications and interfaces with the Followzup webservice, are encrypted with the RSA and AES protocols, which grants confidentiality throughout the route taken by requests.

Each application and each device has its own pair of RSA asymmetric keys, and only the Followzup webservice can read and extract the request's contents.

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Sequenced Requests

followzupEach request sent through the Followzup service has its own sequence number, ensuring more security in the communication between systems and devices.

With this additional level of security, any request intercepted and forwarded through the network, became automatically invalid by the Followzup service.

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Open Protocol

followzupWith Followzup, system developers and device manufacturers can build new APPs to, virtually, any kind of equipment or operating system connected to the internet.

To do this, Followzup was designed with open protocol, which allows it to be used from any language and any operating system compatible with the webservice Followzup.

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