Welcome to Followzup.

Followzup is a free service for sending encrypted text messages to mobile phones and other mobile devices.

Messages are sent in background, from systems and websites with the support of APIs, currently available in PHP, Java, Ruby, Perl, Python and C# .NET.

The APIs are simple to use, and with only 1 command line the application can send a message to the cell phone of one or more users.

In addition to submitting messages, Internet websites may also receive messages from users, originating from their mobile devices.

Communications performed between systems and mobile devices through Followzup are encrypted with the AES and RSA standards, and the open protocol of the service allows the development of APIs for other languages, as well as the development of APPs for different models of mobile devices.

Examples of use:

  • Monitor user activity on systems and websites;
  • Monitor and send alerts on occurrences in systems and equipment;
  • Send news, tips, warnings and advertising messages;
  • Receive messages from user devices;
  • Request confirmation responses from users;
  • Send messages associated with external links;
  • Inform and confirm scheduling of appointments;
  • Inform the realization of commercial and financial transactions;
  • And more…

Usage steps:

Here are the steps required to send messages through Followzup from any system or website:

  • On the Followzup site, the system administrator creates an information channel, downloads the API containing the channels cryptographic key, and includes calls to the API on the system.

  • On the mobile device, the user installs the APP Followzup available in the application store, registers the device in the system, searches the information channel created by the developer, and confirms the channel signature.

  • After registration of the mobile device and the subscription of the channel, systems and websites can send messages through requests to the webservice Followzup, informing the receiver of the message.

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