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Cheking users

When a user subscribes a channel, Followzup creates a random 8-digit numeric code known as the Subscription Code, which is associated with that subscription.

If the user cancels the subscription and then re-subscribes the channel, a new code is generated and can be seen on the APP screen when the user shows the channel's message list.

The Subscription Code is particularly useful for the application developer to validate the user identification, thereby confirming the email (or User-ID).

API call to check users

To verify that the user's subscription matches the Subscription Code, the application must use the submit method included in the API, with the following parameters:

FZUP_COMMAND Required Must contain the literal chck (check user).
FZUP_LASTSEQ Optional Contains the sequence number of the last request.
FZUP_USER Required Contains the e-mail or user-ID of the user to be checked.
FZUP_SUBSCODE Required Contains the Subscription Code to be checked.


$result = $object -> submit ( array (
"FZUP_COMMAND  = chck",
"FZUP_LASTSEQ  = 9999",
"FZUP_USER     =",
"FZUP_SUBSCODE = 12345678" ) );
String[] result = object.submit ( new String[] {
"FZUP_COMMAND  = chck",
"FZUP_LASTSEQ  = 9999",
"FZUP_USER     = zw2hg454ghx9",
"FZUP_SUBSCODE = 12345678" } );
result = object.submit (
"FZUP_COMMAND"  => "chck",
"FZUP_LASTSEQ"  => "9999",
"FZUP_USER"     => "",
"FZUP_SUBSCODE" => "12345678" )
my $result = $object->submit (
"FZUP_COMMAND  = chck",
"FZUP_LASTSEQ  = 9999",
"FZUP_USER     = z74gd672kmv6",
"FZUP_SUBSCODE = 12345678" );
result = object.submit([
"FZUP_COMMAND  = chck",
"FZUP_LASTSEQ  = 9999",
"FZUP_USER     = z74gd672kmv6",
"FZUP_SUBSCODE = 12345678"])
parameters.FZUP_COMMAND = "chck";
parameters.FZUP_LASTSEQ = 9999;
parameters.FZUP_USER = "";
parameters.FZUP_SUBSCODE = 12345678;
result = object.submit(parameters);

Return of execution

In the previous examples, we can see that the execution of the submit method returns an array of strings named as result. This array has 3 elements:

Return code The return code of the request. The value “0” (zero) for successfully executed requests and the value “NNNN” containing the execution error code.
Sequence number Integer value containing the sequence number used in the request.
XML request response The string containing the request response XML.

With the exception of return code 6101, handled by the API, other errors must be handled by the application.

It is important that the sequence number used in the last request to be stored in the application database, in case the instantiated object has been discarded by the environment. The last sequence stored can be informed to the API, preventing the API from receiving 6101 error codes, forcing requests to be rescheduled and increasing response times for requests.

Return codes

0 Successful execution Informs that the request has been successful, even any of the receivers informed were considered invalid
6101 Invalid sequence This return code is handled by the API
6102 Invalid frame Informs that there was an error in the decryption of the data, and transmission may have failed
6103 Invalid command Command was invalid or not informed
6104 Invalid Channel-ID Channel-ID was invalid or not informed
6106 Invalid user Users was invalid or not informed
6203 User not a subscriber User is not a subscriber of the channel
6204 Subscription code not match The Subscription code does not match
6999 System in maintenance Webservice is out of service

XML request response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

 - User-ID:  User-ID in Followzup.
 - Register: Flag user registered (yes) or anonymous (no).  
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