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APP features

To receive messages on the mobile device, you need two things: Install the APP, and inside it, search and sign the channels of information where messages will be sent. To install the APP, the user must use the APP virtual store.

The first time the APP is executed, the user must register the device, which can be done in two ways: using his login of Followzup or by creating an anonymous user. The differences between the two types of registering are described below.

Followzup user device registration

A Followzup user is the one who has valid login and password on the Followzup website, which is done by completing the New Account form, and confirmed by electronic mail. With the login and password confirmed, the user can continue to register the device, informing the login in the initial screen of the APP. A user's login to Followzup is always his email account.

Regardless of having a login, the user also has an internal code in Followzup, called a User-ID. This code consists of 12 alphanumeric characters beginning with the letter “z”. All letters contained in a User-ID are lowercase (example: z02wftr44k15).

Anonymous user device registration

An anonymous user is the one who does not have login to the Followzup website. Each time a device is registered anonymously, Followzup creates an anonymous user for the exclusive use of the device being registered. In this case, since there is no email account to identify the user, the identification will only be possible with the User-ID.

Differences between registering types

The differences between the devices registered by Followzup users (those who have login and password) and anonymous users are the following:

  * A user who has login and password in Followzup can register more than one device with the same login. When a message is sent, all devices receive the same message. In the case of anonymous registration, each device will be associated with only one anonymous user, and there is no way to register more than one device for the same user.

  * When a Followzup user registers a device, it will replicate all previously subscribed channels, so if a user loses or has a damaged the device, registering a new device will restore their channel list. In the case of anonymous users, the channel list will always be empty in the initial device registration.

  * In the case of loosing the mobile device, the anonymous user can not unregister the device in the Followzup website, which would allow their messages to be read by third parties. In the case of Followzup users, they can unregister devices in the Followzup site and block access to the device messages.

Managing channels and messages

After registering the device, the list of channels subscribed by the user will be displayed. To subscribe to new channels, the user must select the search icon, where the channel search screen will be displayed.

In the search screen, the user must enter the initial letters of the desired channel tag (at least 3 letters), and click on the send button, which will result in a list of channels that have the initials informed. If the desired channel has been displayed in the resulting list, the user can select the channel and confirm the subscription.

The private channels, as defined by channel administrators, should be searched by its full name, obeying uppercase and lowercase letters, wherever there is. In the case of private channel has the Private Code attribute, this must be informed in the confirmation of the subscription. The Private Code must be provided by the administrator.

When a new subscription is confirmed by the user, the system creates a random 8-digit number, known as Subscription Code. This code can be seen at the top of the message list, and can be used for applications to confirm user identification.

To cancel the subscription of a channel, just select (and hold) the desired channel in the channel list and confirm its cancellation. On cancellation, the channel's message history is erased.

To view the message list of a channel, simply select the desired channel from the channel list. In turn, messages can also be deleted from the list by simply selecting and holding the desired message and confirming the deletion.

Other features

In addition to the basic channel and message management functions, which is its essence, the APP also has the option to unregister the device, available from the application menu. In this menu, the user code (User-ID) and the device name can also be seen.

At the bottom of the message list, the APP displays a text box where the user can send messages back to the application associated with the channel. This text box is only displayed in APP when the administrator enables this option.

It is important to remember that Followzup users (not anonymous) can also manage their devices on the Followzup website, where the user can delete and edit device names.

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