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About Source Code

The source code available on this wiki includes the database table creation directives (MySQL), the WebService routines codes (Channels information and Mobile Devices), support functions and the APIs codes for each available language. The codes are under GPL license, as specified in each file.

The files presented gather the operational core of the system, being sufficient to understand its operation. The code that implements the navigation of the website is not essential for understanding the service, as it includes only simple user registration, password recovery, channel editing, API download activities, icon upload and other low criticality functionalities .

The Data Base

The database creation directives include the following tables:

  • Users: Table of users, including registered users and anonymous users dynamically created for each anonymous device. The primary key for this table is the User-ID.
  • Channels: Table that gathers the channels created by the users. Its primary key is the Channel-ID.
  • Pkeys: Table containing the cryptographic keys of the channels and the system interfaces.
  • Devices: Table containing the devices created in the system, including anonymous devices and registered user devices. In the case of devices, the cryptographic keys are attributes of the table.
  • Interfaces: Table that gathers the interfaces available in the system. Each interface represents an application (APP) for a specific platform.
  • Subscriptions: Table that relates the users to the channels, where each record defines the signature of a channel by a user.
  • Messages: Table that gathers the control records of messages sent to each user. Among the attributes of this table, the message text and URL are stored in the Medias table.
  • Medias: Table that includes the texts and the URLs of the messages, whose records are referenced by the Messages table.

WebService for Channels Information

Routine that processes the requests of the applications related to each channel information. Requests are handled by APIs, which are downloaded by the developers and put together with the code of their applications.

By implementing encryption through standards protocols, the service allows interaction with other languages that have compatible cryptographic libraries.

WebService for Mobile Devices

Rotina que atende as requisições dos dispositivos móveis, allowing transfering new messages to their local bases, where they can be consulted by its users.

By implementing encryption through standards protocols, the service allows interaction with others device plataforms that have compatible cryptographic libraries.

Support Functions

This file put together functions for generating IDs, cryptographic key generation, checking and sanitizing strings. These functions are used by the WebService.


IMPORTANT: The APIs presented in this wiki do not have the internal identification and cryptographic keys of the channels information. These data are inserted only when the developer downloads the API from the Followzup website.

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